Superior Performance

View the NADF Performance ChartWe have generated industry leading performance with top decile rankings among North American equity funds.

Our flagship fund, the Agilith North American Diversified Fund was launched in October 2007, amidst some of the most volatile markets of our generation and through the turmoil, we have kept our focus on fundamentals and used sell offs as opportunities to build our clients’ wealth.

Recognized Industry Experience

Patrick HoranAndrea HoranLan LeeWith decades of industry experience, the Agilith team has seen many investment cycles and has learned the long term value of a maintaining a steady hand through turbulent times.

Our disciplined process of focusing on fundamentals and understanding the impact of broader market themes on valuation has allowed us to identify great investment opportunities even in the midst of turbulence.

True Client Alignment

View the Client Alignment VideoWe invest alongside our clients and have the best fee structure from the perspective of client alignment.

Our management fee is equal or better than many comparable equity funds and the performance fee is only earned if we perform.

Unlike virtually all other Funds, we never reset our high water mark and our hurdles are annual rather than absolute.

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